Special equipment

Besides the different types of offshore cranes and gangways,Kenz can also deliver other stand alone or integrated systems which are designed and manufactured by us from concept to delivery.See some of the possibilities and references below,for other equipment and inquiries please contact our sales department.

EBOP Gantry Crane

On new generation drilling rigs,heavy weight blow-out preventer units (BOP) are used.We can design an deliver BOP cranes which can be used for horizontal and vertical transport of the BOP handling systems on the rigs.

A&R winches

Kenz can design winches to abandon or recover a pipe on the seabed.Increased water depths require increased top tension,more tension capacity and larger cable lengths.Our winches are heave compensated,can lift upto 300t and 3 km depth.

surge damper

In order to reduce the surge of an FSO (backward and forward motion) during a storm,we can deliver surge damper systems for FPSO's to reduce pression and swinging motion of the yoke system.We built this system for example for one of Bluewater Energy betway体育Services FPSO.