Offshore gangways

Our active motion compensated gangways are the preferred way for safe personnel and goods transfer from and to an installation,both in the wind and the oil & gasindustry

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Offshore gangway systems - main features

    • Full motion active compensation
    • Connection to offshore installation by means of:
      • Landing cone
      • Bumper
    • Active bumper:
      • Feedback from earth fixed reference
      • 提高准确性
    • Motion compensated offshore lifts with crane attachment
    • X-Wing foundation to maximize deck space
    • Certified by DNV-GL-ST-0358
    • Redundant power packs / operating system if required

The betway体育Kenz Figee Group combines almost 200 years of experience in the design,production and maintenance of offshore- and 必威体育手机版harbour cranes

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Our offshore gangways

Kenz Cranes can deliver different sizes of gangways,as every type of operation requires its own solution.Due to our extensive experience with tailor-made systems,we can offer our gangways according to specific client requirements.


For easy connection to the fixed offshore installation a full active motion compensated module is provided,which keeps the tip of the gangway stationary by compensating the vessel induced motions with slewing,luffing and telescoping.

Gangway motion compensation

To compensate the relative motion between the vessel and fixed objects such platforms or wind turbines,our gangways can be equipped full motion compensation.Both the translational as well as the rotational motions of the vessel will be compensated.

Realized offshore gangway systems

Kenz Cranes recently delivered two offshore gangways to POSH in Singapore.

PACC Offshore betway体育Services Holdings Limited (POSH) is the largest Asia-based international operator of offshore support vessels,and one of the top five globally.

Offshore gangway design

These gangways are the smaller motion compensated gangways  (15-25 mtr).

The two telescopic gangways provided to POSH will be used in the nearby future by Saudi Aramco.

About Kenz Cranes

As a trusted partner in the international offshore industry,Kenz Cranes has provided various pedestal mounted cranes and excellent after sales betway体育service for all kinds of offshore structures and support vessels for over 50 years.

By using in-house facilities for production,testing,commissioning and installation,Kenz Cranes is able to deliver custom designed lifting equipment on a turnkey basis.

Over 300 Kenz offshore cranes and gangways are in operation today,working in the harshest environments all over the world.